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Subject:survey says
Time:05:13 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
I stole this from someone on xanga. It was fun :)

…movie you rented: Butterfly Effect
…movie you bought: The Final Cut
…song you listened to: Weird Al's "Happy Birthday"
…song that was stuck in your head: "Steal Me" by Jupiter Sunrise
…cd you listened to: A mix that I made with Death Cab and JS and The Format on it
…person you’ve called: Carol
…tv show you’ve watched: Fraiser, but on dvd
…person you were thinking of: Kelsey Grammer

…you think about suicide: Not often
…you believe in online dating: Not really
…you want more piercings: Not sure
…you do drugs: Not anymore...than I need to
…you smoke: Not anymore...that phase died with my middle school years

…long distance relationships: Against, actually...but I suppose if it was a committed relationship that was only temporarily separated by distance then I'd be FOR it, but I couldn't do that myself at the current time
…using someone: Against
…killing people: Against
…teenage smoking: Not my concern
…premarital sex: Also, not my concern...but mostly I'm against it I just don't voice that to people when I find out that they're involved in that.
…driving drunk: Against!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
…gay/lesbian relationships: I would say against but that would be a lie

…ever cried over a guy/girl: What is meant by "over"? I suppose I should just say yes, I've cried many times.
…ever lied to someone: Yes, but eventually I tell the truth
…ever been arrested: No

…of times you have been in love?: I can't answer that
…of times you have had your heart broken?: As many times as it's been mended thus far
…of hearts you have broken?: I don't imagine I've broken any...who knows.
…of drugs taken illegally?: I took someone's prescription eye drops...that doesn't really count though.
…of people you would classify as true friends: I'm honestly only coming up with 4...(if you're not on that list don't be offended) but I didn't include my sisters.
…of people you consider your enemies?: Fortunately I have no enemies, to my knowledge
…of things in your past that you regret?: Only the pain I've caused others...and that's too many to count.

…scent: Tigers Eye oil which Carol has.
…word: Sunrise
…eye color: Hazel, apparently
…flower: Orchid

…Wallet: black, holding many items that the trash can wants to see
…Toothbrush: Unfortunately it's only purple and white, I wish I had a pink one still
…Jewelry worn daily: Superman watch
…Pillow cover: Currently blue and white stripes, but I love my Jack pillow case that Carol got for me.
…Blanket: It matches the pillow case
…Coffee cup: I don't have one, but if it were from home it would be in my "Hiscock Construction" cup...but usually I get coffee to-go or "for here, to save a plastic tree" at Lemonjello's
…Sunglasses: they attach in front of my prescription lenses by way of hooking around the frames that hold those lenses.
…Shoes: Green AMAZING Puma's are the one's I wear more frequently, or at least, when I'm not working.
…Handbag: Does that mean purse? Black corduroy
…Favorite shirt: Totally my amazing Red and White pin striped Cinemark shirt.
…Hair: brown, short, full of butter or something I'm sure (work related obviously)
…Make-up: No make-up

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are) …
…In my head: Carol shouting at me and other random thoughts
…Wishing: I had time to get in the doors at D&W to get dark chocolate m&m's
…After this: Racing down to the D&W to find out if they're open
…Person you wish you were with: Not sure, I've got great company now
…Something that you are deadly afraid of: Losing anyone I care dearly for
…Do you like the taste of blood: Never
…Do you believe in love: Of course, doesn't everyone?
…Do you believe in soul mates: I do in fact believe that two people can be meant for each other...is that the same?
…Do you believe in love at first sight: I believe that you can find someone so incredibly attractive that you feel an urge to get to know them, but does that mean it's love?
…What do you want done with your body when you die: Organs available should be donated and then I would like to be cremated and spread over some beautiful land, or burried somewhere in Ireland...is that too much to ask though?
…Who is your worst enemy?: Like I said I don't have one to my knowledge but there is a number of people I could name that I'm really not caring much for these days
…If you could have any animal for a pet: Actually because of the old man-the one who passes out books- in "Shawshank Redemption", for a really long time now I've wanted a crow (or a raven, whichever I could actually get) but apparently it's actually illegal.
…What’s something you wish you could understand better?: I wish that I could better understand my needs, because I'm far too concerned with my "wants"
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Time:10:35 am
Current Mood:frustratedfrustrated
Why do people have to be so stupid? I just don't understand. I guess I also never will understand so there's really no point in my asking. I don't understand why people get drunk, passout, puke all over themselves, and wake up with hangovers, and then proceed to brag about it. It's completely unattractive so how are those same people stealing the hearts of so many and getting whatever dates they want?
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Time:05:32 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
I feel like I'm going to cry when Jess leaves. We were talking about plans for my birthday and I told her what she could do for me and then realized that she wouldn't be here for my birthday. That made me so sad. And then the fact that Noel has been so incredibly sweet everytime I see her makes me happy but at the same time really sad because she's leaving just as she develops the personality that I can handle better.
Oh well...
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Subject:Emergency sales
Time:09:58 am
So work yesterday was pretty freaking hectic. The computers froze and had to be shut down. So emergency sales and I had to add in my head which normally can do very well but when customers continue talking and adding things to their order and everything is just in general very loud and crazy, well...it's hard. I know my drawer was short last night but apparently we don't get in trouble during emergency sales. The computers actually shut down twice but the second time was close to closing and I was taken off my drawer and there was like 15 customers after that, and maybe not even that many.
My one really rude customer had a problem with how full her drinkwas because as soon as she picked it up she was "going to spill it everywhere". I didn't fill her drink and I offered more than once to dump it off for her but through my trying to help my customer she just kept bitching about how I shouldn't fill them so full and then told me I should dump some off. I apologized and offered that at least two times! Why couldn't she just accept that and move on? Her day couldn't have been so terrible that she had to take her anger out on someone else, let alone a complete stranger that is doing everything they can to try to help you. And why go to a movie theater and get pissed off at the employees? That just doesn't make any sense to me unless that employee is rude to you, and I wasn't even though I wanted to be. At least she didn't swear because then I could have stepped back and told her she could deal with my manager because I wasn't going any further with the sale.
Some people at work actually avoid talking to me at seemingly all costs. I don't really understand that but I guess I may just not be meant to understand. I guess people are just crazy and have issues with people over unimportant to them or I situations that arise.
Well...I'm going to go. I don't really know what else to write. I hope it warms back up quick and that it doesn't snow much today. I doubt if there's really a barbeque at my dad's today but I guess we'll see.
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Time:03:09 pm
Current Mood:stressedstressed
Wow! my idiot roommate and his idiot girlfriend are so incredibly disrespectful and moronic that I just want to punch them both square on the nose. I'm sick of having to deal with people who have no respect but actually I'm not a violent person so my only way to want to deal with them is out of the question. I hope he doesn't find a job by May 13th so he does have to look for a new place to live. It is a fact that even if he has a job by then, if he waits until the last minute he still won't be paying rent. I wish he'd pack up on his own and get the hell out. Maybe if we treat him the way he's been treating us he would. I don't know how to handle this though and it's really frustrating.
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Time:10:41 am
I've got a livejournal now, thanks to my friends who keep one.
Hmm...I don't really know what to write about at the moment.
I'll write again later.
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